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Trump signals new hope for ObamaCare overall, says 'Do not worry!' 
President Trump hinted Saturday that overhauling ObamaCare is still alive, perhaps through a bipartisan deal, following the effort’s dramatic and seemingly terminal failure a day earlier. “ObamaCare will explode and we will all get together and piece ...

Belarus protesters arrested while marching against 'parasite' tax 
March 25 (UPI) --Dozens of protesters in Belarus were arrested after marching against the country's "social parasite" tax on the unemployed. Protesters shouted "fascists" at riot police who arrested dozens of people including Belsat TV and BBC Russian ...

Flying Taxis Could Soon Be Coming To A Sky Near You 
Flying taxis and other futuristic passenger vehicles are about to take a giant leap out of science fiction and into reality. It’s not exactly the vision of the “Back To The Future” film trilogy, which predicted that by 2015 we’d fill the skies with ...

Las Vegas Bellagio jewelry store robbery sends panicked guests fleeing 
Las Vegas police are investigating a jewelry store robbery inside the Bellagio hotel-casino complex that sent frightened guests fleeing as masked suspects smashed glass windows with sledgehammers. Police said three people wearing dress clothing — suits ...

Video game retailer GameStop to close 150 stores 
March 25 (UPI) --GameStop announced plans to close more than 100 of its retail stores worldwide following a drop in sales. The American video game retailer announced it will close at least 150 of its 7,500 brick-and-mortar stores as the company's shares ...

Democrats Concerned That The Supreme Court May Be Rigged For The Rich And Republicans 
WASHINGTON ― In recent years, the opposing party approached Supreme Court nomination hearings by honing in on the nominee’s character and temperament or on one particular case that could possibly derail the nominee. Nominees have, in turn, generally ...

What’s Next On The Trump Agenda? 
While Congressional Republicans are left reeling from a major loss on health care, President Donald Trump says he is ready to move on. "Now we're gonna go for tax reform — which I've always liked," he told reporters Friday afternoon. After the health ...

Trump Becomes Ensnared in Fiery G.O.P. Civil War 
WASHINGTON — President Trump ignites a lot of fights, but the biggest defeat in his short time in the White House was the result of a long-running Republican civil war that had already humbled a generation of party leaders before him. A precedent ...

Sword-carrying Joker arrested in Virginia, police say 
The Joker is behind bars. It’s a storyline that could be straight out of the comic books. Yet in Winchester, Virginia, it's a true story. Local police said they arrested a man dressed like the famous comic book villain – decked out in a cape and ...

Bronx hit-and-run driver arrested for killing cyclist, crafting bogus alibi 
Cops have arrested a motorist they say killed a bicyclist in the Bronx nine months ago, then covered up his actions by reporting his luxury car stolen, officials said Saturday. Bronx detectives arrested Victor Pelaez, 44, Friday after finally determining ...

"I'm the schmuck who landed on the taxiway," said Harrison Ford after near-miss at airport 
Actor Harrison Ford pilots his helicopter July 10, 2001, near Jackson, Wyoming, after rescuing a missing Boy Scout. Last Updated Mar 25, 2017 12:44 PM EDT LOS ANGELES -- Actor Harrison Ford said he was distracted and concerned about turbulence from another ...

This AI Company Can Tell You What and Who Appears in Your Videos 
If you're a brand advertiser at a car company or a cereal maker, you may want to know when your product appears, unscripted, in hundreds of hours of TV shows or online videos. How to track that without watching all of it? An artificial intelligence ...

Florida deputy sheriff admits he used database access to help steal identities 
An ex-Florida lawman pleaded guilty in federal court to using his police access to obtain records for identity theft. Frantz Felisma — who’s been held without bail since his December arrest — will be sentenced in early June for credit card and ...

First on CNN: Hacking suspect's parents say he won't flee 
Ancaster, Ontario (CNN)Karim Baratov's parents want him back home, sitting at the dining table where they shared dinner nearly every night as a family of four, and where they now sit to make the case publicly that the young man accused of hacking emails ...

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